heart of the danvers art - may 2019



HEART of the Danvers Art! For May 2019, we have Photography by Jeannine Pelkey   Jeannine Pelkey

Jeannine has been a member of the Danvers Art for many years, does the website for us, the facebook page, and our instagram account.

Here is what Jeannine says about her art:

"I have always loved photography, and started taking photos as a kid. I had an Instamatic camera, with a flashcube. I still have it! Having a camera in my hand feels natural, and I have my camera with me as much as I can. I went to college for Art and Photography, to RIT and to Salem State, and have a degree in Art with a Photography concentration (and a minor in foreign language).

I am also a member of the Peabody Arts, and on the Fine Art Committee for the Topsfield Fair. I have my Photography business, and do family portraits, weddings, events, engagement photos, senior photos, food photos, pet photos, sports, landscapes, interiors, you name it. I teach photography lessons, through Lessons.com and really enjoy it. I mainly shoot with a Nikon, however, I also own my original film cameras, a Minolta, a Sinar 4x5 and an underwater camera.

Photography is a way of life for me, I love everything about it!"

Come down to the DAA to see work by Jeannine and you can always follow her on her website https://jeanninepelkey.com/

on IG https://www.instagram.com/jeanninepelkeyphotographer/ and facebook https://www.facebook.com/photographybyjeanninepelkey

Heart of the Danvers Art - APRIL 2019



HEART of the Danvers Art! For April 2019, we have Michele McGibbon Kenna. Michele is not only a talented artist, she helps the Danvers Art with artist demos, classes, and shows.
Read what Michele says about her art:

"I was always surrounded by art growing up. My father, a businessman, loved to paint and was greatly influenced by the Impressionists. His paintings were hung throughout our home. He encouraged me to enter school competitions in art which I won many times. This, therefore, earned me the reputation as being “artistic”.

I continued my education with a Masters in Fine Art at the University of Toronto.

After children and family demands, I finally returned to painting which I have continued over the last 25 years. The beautiful medium of pastel satisfies my love of color. My father’s influence is there in my desire to capture light and how it reflects in all parts of a landscape. Just like the Impressionists!"


Heart of the Danvers Art - March 2019

Ruth Ann Pelkey

Heart of the Danvers Art! For March 2019, we have Ruth Ann Pelkey. A member for many years, Ruth Ann works very hard to provide signs and banners every year...If you've seen the banner downtown before the Holiday Arts-A- Glow, the banner on the fence in front of the building, and the sandwich boards out front during our open hours, it's because of Ruth Ann.
Here is what she says about her art:
"At about 7 years old my fascination with photo taking provided many new possibilities for summer fun. One of my uncles, a teacher himself, began teaching me the game of golf. And, along with those golf games, taking photos when opportunities presented. Learning how to open, care for, load film, functions, and close was the first summer. Second summer was the art. Planning the photo and proper settings to apply.
My uncle was an excellent golfer and teacher. His photo hobby was, for me, a truly wonderful experience. I loved him and all the things he taught me. Two cameras were always with us: Kodak Anastigmat (Kodak Jr. ) and Eastman Kodak's Box Camera
It has been enjoyable bringing these and many other experiences to the DAA. Even winning a ribbon or two or three, I am now and will remain an 'amateur' ". 


Heart of the Danvers Art - February 2019

Evan Kasle


Heart of the Danvers Art! For February, we have Evan Kasle. Evan became a Danvers Art member in High School, and is now in college. In the years he has been a member, he has won awards, painted the mural on the front of our building, painted the electrical box out front, and helped put together the Middle School Art Show, that we host.  Be sure to check out Evan's work online, or come see his work in one of our shows. 

 "Currently I am a practicing artist, gallery/exhibition curator, clothing designer, and muralist going to school at Columbia College Chicago. For as long as I can remember I have always been fixated on art. It wasn’t until an All Year Art class with Jeff Surette that I began to take myself more seriously as an artist. Throughout high school I practiced my own skill and joined another All Year Art program with Ms. Johnson. I was thoroughly impressed with all the student work but disappointed there was no end of the year showcasing of the talented artists Danvers had to offer. I reached out to Danvers Art Association President John Archer, met with the board, and hosted a showcasing for all of the beautiful artwork. Over the next two years Danvers Art Association truly solidified my love for creating art, and a new passion of hosting exhibitions.

Since then I have moved to Chicago to pursue both sides of the art world, the creation and business side. I have worked as a curator for two galleries in Chicago, hosted 4 exhibitions of Chicago artists and musical guests, 4 exhibitions with local Danvers artists, painted two murals,began creating custom clothing, and have been featured in over 20 exhibitions. All of my work including artwork, custom clothing, exhibition photos, and much more is available on my new website,


Throughout my artistic career I have many goals I wish to accomplish both as an artist and gallery curator. The art world has historically been elitist, something I want to combat. In any way I can, I hope to bring art to as many people as possible. Your financial status, gender, sexuality, language, ethnicity, or anything at all should not limit any person to succeed with art.I one day hope to open up an Art Center in a major art hub of America, hopefully utilizing my “Enter the Frame” branding . I would love to combat artistic elitism, help out local artists, teach courses, and host exhibitions if I am ever so lucky to get the opportunity to do so. In the meantime, I will continue creating art and bringing it to as many as possible!"


Heart of the Danvers Art - January 2019

Beverly Hinckley


Heart of the Danvers Art! For January we introduce you to Beverly Hinckley! Beverly is always there to help at our events, and creates beautiful quilts and more. Read what she has to say - and be sure to come by our events to see her work. if you haven’t gotten a pair of the mittens, you’re missing out!

“I began my explorations of color, form and texture collecting bits of wood, shell, bone, feather and claw to be used in collages. My grandmother gave me sewing and knitting needles and she, my mother and I would work together to see what a needle could do. Grandma was also a quilter. 

Through those years I would create collages from my collections.  But when I neared retirement after 35 years teaching, I got back into sewing and explored quilting as a new medium, although it’s an ancient art form. 

I love playing with the colors and shapes of quilting. And where am I headed from here? Backwards. I’m now exploring integrating the textures of needle and thread, yarn and ribbon with found objects. There’s so much to play with!

Now I create art quilts, tee shirt quilts, homeware, upcycled mittens and sculptural pieces with my company Textilelations.”


Heart of the Danvers Art

Each month we will highlight a DAA Member

Heart of the Danvers Art - For December, we have Sheila Farren Billings. Sheila has painted the doors to our building! Have you seen them?

Sheila is an award-winning local artist and the author / illustrator of 5 children’s books. Her work has been featured in numerous shows and galleries around the North Shore.

She grew up in a family of artists who inspired her creativity and encouraged her to experiment with different

mediums and styles. On delightful days, she loves to sit outside and paint on location, usually in watercolor or acrylic paint. On cold or rainy days, Sheila prefers working

in her cozy studio on more fanciful projects, including cut paper designs, brilliantly-colored abstracts, children’s illustrations, and Celtic-inspired drawings. She also enjoys designing logos and creating public and private murals.

On commissioned projects, Sheila shares her creative expertise while collaborating with her patrons to incorporate their ideas and preferences into the finished art. She works to bring her creations to completion on

deadline and within budget.

Sheila hopes her art brings as much joy to your heart and home as it brings to hers. And she invites you to visit

www.SheilaBillings.com to learn more about her work and upcoming shows.


Heart of the Danvers Art


Each month we will highlight a DAA Member

 Heart of the Danvers Art - For November, we have Nancy Richards. Nancy sits on our board and also does our newsletter. She puts a lot of time into helping our Association and is one of the nicest people you'll meet.

Here is what Nancy says about her art... "As a child, I spent a lot of time drawing and painting. My mother was artistic in many ways and I guess she passed those genes on to me. I was lucky to go to a high school that had a wonderful art department. Two of the teachers I had there, Alexey vonSchlippe and Joseph Gualtieri, were well-known artists in their own right and they instilled in me a deep appreciation of all types of art that has lasted to this day. I didn’t go on to study art in college, and it wasn’t until I retired that I started seriously studying again. I took lessons in watercolor with Paula Beaulieu in Salem, and more recently have studied with Caleb Stone in Rockport for several years. I attended a painting workshop with Caleb in Tuscany last year and am going again soon with him to Sicily. The Italian landscape is a wonderful subject to paint!

My first love is watercolor, although someday I will try oils. I love the transparency and luminosity of watercolor paint, and I am striving to capture light and shadow in each of my paintings. Some of my favorite subjects are landscapes and animals – animals because their eyes are so expressive. I consider my painting skill and style to be ever-evolving and I am always striving for each painting to be better than the last one."

HEART of the Danvers Art


Each month we will highlight a DAA member

Heart of the Danvers Art - For October, we have Phyllis Jones. Phyllis is a photographer and a crafter. Phyllis has won awards for her photography, been featured in the Brooksby Village Calendar, and is a best seller for the DAA at our Holiday Arts A Glow each winter. Here is what Phyllis says about her art "I have been into photography since an early age. My Aunt Ethel helped me use my first box camera since she also took a lot of photos. Then, I married Jack Jones, a well known watercolorist. Jack helped a lot with composition and tips on lighting. We lived in the country and the entertainment was crafts. I knit, chochet, and quilt." Be sure to come to the Holiday Fair starting in November through December and you can always catch her creating more art at Brooksby. 

HEART of the Danvers Art - September 2018


Each month we will highlight a DAA member


For September 2018, we have Lynne Cassinari. Lynne is very active in the DAA, from sitting in the gallery, helping with the shows, and lending her expertise.

Here is what she has to say about her art - " I have always loved art. As a child, mom would take me around to all the Cape Ann galleries; we even watched Emil Gruppe paint! Luckily, I had parents who supported my decision to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where I majored in art education and minored in printmaking. That degree brought me back to Cape Ann to teach art at Gloucester Public High. I also taught art to immigrant children from the Lowell/Lawrence area and to gifted children selected from the Boston Public Schools.

Interestingly, my early artwork in photography and printmaking was primarily in black and white. It wasn’t until I took a watercolor class at Montserrat in the early 1990s that I began a serious interest in painting. Having close proximity to the many artists of Cape Ann, I was able to take workshops with Marilyn Swift, Paul George, Betty Lou Schlemm, and Danver’s Ann Demeter. I sold my first painting in Danvers at a wet-paint auction held at John Archer’s home as part of Danvers Friends and Family weekend.

I am in love with light. Light creates shadow patterns; it bounces off of one object and splashes color onto another object. It can pass through the delicate spray of an ocean wave, yet reflect off a thin pane of glass. I love the versatility of paint as a medium. By thinning the paint down, luminous washes can be created; applied thickly, the color takes the spotlight. Although I often start with a plan, I allow insights along the way to inform my next decision. Sometimes something wonderful and exciting occurs, and more often, there is an unexpected obstacle. Who was it that said, “A painting is a series of problems that need to be solved?” So with each painting, I develop and refine a language with which to translate my view of the world around me.

The world around us is complex and intriguing in its appearance and each one of us brings their experiences, interests, and emotions to bear. It is my hope that my paintings create an oasis for the viewer that helps them celebrate the good in their life and to connect with a memory or emotion of their own. Each painting I complete is a stepping stone on my path as an artist, and ultimately, it is in that journey that technique as an artist is learned and life as an artist is lived.”

Check out Lynne's work. At http://lynnecassinari.com/ and come by the DAA to see her new art in our upcoming Fall show.

HEART of the Danvers Art - August 2018

Each month we will highlight a DAA member


To kick it off, in August, we have Rebecca Prescott. Rebecca does so much for the DAA, from scheduling people to sit in the gallery, organizing shows, and sits on the board.

Here is what she has to say about her art - " I started art back in the 1970's and worked in a Marblehead Art Gallery called Freedom with Responsibility in Soux Native American. There was also Pottery Crafting upstairs which I found a lot of pleasure in. I took Art Classes at the King Hooper Mansion back then. I love to photograph nature often and paint it. My preferred medium is watercolor. I also have a penchant for old automobiles. I love to use there hubcaps and craft them into clocks, lamps, etc It is most difficult these days to locate original wheel covers as they are now reproduced for the auto enthusiast, however I try my best to locate them locally from Maine to Massachusetts. I find a sense of serenity in my nature photography and paintings"

Check out Rebecca's work, and come by the DAA on the weekends to see her new art in our Gallery 62.