spring show call for art

Spring Show Details and Call for Art

 I know I miss being able to show my paintings at the Spring Show and have been thinking that maybe other people do too. So, let’s do it virtually on the DAA website. Jeannine Pelkey has graciously offered to post the photos that are sent to her, so we have the technical ability to do it. 

Here’s what will have to happen: you will take a picture of your work and email it to Jeannine at, along with a description (artist name, title of the piece, medium, size, category, and price or NFS). Or, if you aren’t able to send an image from your computer, you can call Jeannine at 978-853-9800 and she will assist you in posting your photo. 

You will need to include your email address in the description if you are interested in selling the piece, so that people can contact you directly. There will be no fees for entering the show; however, the usual 20% commission to the DAA will apply if you sell your work. 

The show will be judged. 

Please send this information to Jeannine by June 5th. The show will be posted on the website on June 8th. If you have any questions please email me at or call me at 978- 882-2143.  

Show Categories

The categories will remain the same as in regular shows: 

 Watercolor 

 Oil 

 Acrylic 

 Pastel 

 Mixed media 

 Photography 

 Crafts/jewelry 

 Minis – of any medium, maximum 9”x12” framed 

Works can be framed or unframed – please specify in the description.