HEART of the Danvers Art! For November, we are highlighting Diana Sanders!
Come to our next show and see the amazing art by Diana, and here is what she says about how she got started...
"25 years ago when we had a new home built, we realized there was a very large eyebrow window above the tub. We decided to cover it in stained glass, took lessons, and executed this large (65” X 36”) project. Then my son wanted a stained glass piece (48” X 36”) with a lighthouse, but requested his house be in the design. Now I had to take drawing lessons which lead to painting lessons. And so it started. When I am painting or designing a window, I am so zoned out that the world just goes by…." 

HEART of the danvers art july 2019


Louise Musto-Choate

 HEART OF THE DANVERS ART for July 2019! Louise Musto-Choate. Louise is a talented artist, and is very supportive of other members in the Danvers Art, and you can find her at our group shows.

Here is what Louise says about her art:
After designing jewelry for many years, I began acrylic fluid painting in 2017.

This medium of painting allows me to explore different techniques, color match-ing and the opportunity to learn and grow. Once thought of as "accidental painting", this abstract form of painting appears in many fine galleries around the world.

I evolved in a few short months and began using brush and palette to create my artwork pieces. Then I participated in juried shows at the Danvers Art Association and won several ribbons. I was part of a 10 woman show, 'The Artisanal Ladies' at the Beebe Estate in Melrose and participated in the Melrose Arts Festival in April 2018 and 2019. Currently, my artwork is on display at the Melrose Wakefield Hospital and Workbar in Arlington. My paintings have also been displayed at the Medford Public Library, Mystic Coffee Roasters and Howe Creative Studio and Gallery.

My artwork is a product of my passion and whimsy. My inspirations come from the colors and light that come into my life. Acrylic fluid painting has been life-changing for me. I continue to explore new avenues of self expression and exhibit my artwork in various venues as well as, my website:www.designsinmindbylouisemustochoate.com.

I am an Executive Board Member of CACHE (Coalition for Arts Culture and a Healthy Economy) and serve as Treasurer. I am also a member of the Danvers Art Association, and Medford Art Center, Inc.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work,or have my questions, please email me at: louisemustochoate@gmail.com